Jian Fei Jian Fei!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!!I ballooned!!! My face, arms and legs so fat now!!! Haiz~ Really need to slim down!!! Sianz~~~ Cant wait to sing K in another 10hrs. Haha.
Must really plan out my jian fei plan. 1st thing! Record down all the things I've eaten starting today!
Exercise!!! At least 3 times a wk!
Then, sleep early and wake early!!!
Have proper meals!
ARGH!!!! Aiya,go slp 1st, think abt it another day. :P

PS: The layout really very nice! Good Job, SJ!

A random story...

His name is Frey.

He looked out from the window, gazing at the starless night.

The gentle cold wind blew right to his face, the cold tinges refreshed his little mind.

And yet, all he could see is still the starless night,

and the little girl image that was hidden deep within his soul.

The little girl who shone upon him like the brightest star in the starless night,

and the terrorizing Sun in the horrifying day.

He did not remember how he met her.

Nor did he remember how he had forgotten their parting ways.

All he could do is sing their song through the night and sleep when the sun rise,

hoping for a shorter day and a longer night,

for which he could sing the starry night song, everyday.

With loneliness and him.

Project Semakau - Sharing some experience!!!

Hehe... I've decided to start blogging about some interesting findings and knowledge on my trips to Pulau Semakau. Some introduction to the island:- It is a Southern island of Singapore, widely known as the Semakau Landfill, i.e. after burning the rubbish from Singapore's incineration plants, the ashes are brought to the island to be buried. Flora and fauna flourished naturally, the government had also replanted some mangrove to replace those destroyed. Ok, enough of introduction. I will start to talk about my recent trip there, on 25 july 2009 for a hunting-seeking trip (to have a rough gauge of the biodiversity in Semakau).

On 25th july, we were supposed to meet at Marina South Pier at 5.15am! So I had to wake up at 3.45am, to prepare and my dad came to fetch me at 4.15am then drive to Ailian's hse then to the pier, but of course the organisers had reimburse our transport fare ($20 per person) as it was too early to take public transport. We reached the pier around 4.45am... Too early, so just sit there and slack for a while. After attendance-taking and giving out of money, we finally got in the boat. About 45minutes ride. During the ride, there were distribution of the ID charts, forms and short briefing on what to do.

Upon reaching there, we start to wear our booties and collect the essential stuffs. And we headed for a long long walk to the intertidal area. (coz there is no bus at such early timing). Long, nice walk, the hike through the forest, we finally reached the inter-tidal area, by that time, the tide is already very low. We headed to the extreme right of from the entrance, the sand was very soft, sinking in every step. Finally, we reached our column, so out hunting-seeking survey begins...
At the rocky shore, there were a lot of snails~~~ Some photos and identifications...

I think this is Nerita albicilla. It has many little bumps on its operculum and columellar shelf. That little bumps texture feels like the ox-tongue, so it’s commonly known as the Ox-tongue netrite snails as well. :D

Snails mating!!! Hahaha... We didn't give them any privacy... =X

Another kind of snails Cerithidea cingulata. There were abundance of these 2 types of snails. Walking through the rocky shore seems like killing a lot of them, it's really hard not to step on them! :P

The black stuff is known as the bead anemone according to the ID chart. But I remembered it as black bubble anemone as my TA told us that during the Changi Beach trip on our biodiversity practical. There are a lot of them too too! :D

Tidal Hermit Crab Diogenes sp. Note the stripes on their legs. Hermit crabs need shells to protect their soft abdomen, in fact they have less than 4 pairs of walking legs and they do grow out of the shell and need to find new homes!

Sentinel Crab Macrophthalmus milloti It's really well camouflage, if it does not move, I won't even notice it! There are black patches on its body. But I manage to catch it using chopsticks for a photo-taking session. Hehe... but I didnt manage to catch another bigger one long enough for photo taking... They can burrow into the sand very fast and after I release it, it burrowed in very quickly and disappear out of my sight within seconds! :P

Gafrarium tumidum with some keelworm on it... But I'm not too sure if the keelworms are alive. The 3rd photo can see the hinge. The black area is where the muscles are, to open and close the shells. They also burrow through the sand, and if I didnt remember wrongly, they are filter feeders.

Penaeid Prawn (Family Penaeidae) This looks like those normal shrimps sold in the markets. They really leap very fast, I am so proud of myself that I managed to catch it! :P But of course, I release it after photo-taking! We can also hear the snapping sound made by the snapping shrimps, but were unable to find one, they can really hide well and camouflage well. The snapping shrimp has one enlarged pincer which makes the snapping sound. The sound is used to stun it's enemies and preys. Imagine such small body can make sounds that can be heard by humans, of course it will be soooooo loud that it can stun the enemies and preys.

Haddon's Carpet Anemone Stichodactyla haddoni. There are also purple and brighter green ones, but the one we've found is of dull green colour. There are 2 types of tentacles - long and short at the edges, but it cannot be seen from this photo.

Hairy Crab Pilumnus vespertilio. This crab is rather large, about 5cm wide. This Mr Hairy crab is very nice, it didn't move at all during the photo-taking! And it's really hairy.

This should be Branched Tentacle Anemone Phymanthus sp. It has secondary branching tentacles.

This should be Zoanthid (small polyps) Zoanthus sp.

This is the Magnificent Anemone Heteractis magnifica. It is really large, bigger than both my feet! haha... Note the pink underside. As it was low tide, the tentacles were not extended. When i touch the tentacles using my chopsticks, it feels sticky!

There's a beautiful Fan Worm Sabellastarte indica in the hole! Unfortunately, we were unable to admire it's beauty from this photo. :(
By the time, we need stop and need to head back to the main road. But on our way back, we found some interesting things!

Our famour star in Semakau! Knobbly Sea Star Protoreaster nodosus It can grow up to 35cm wide!!! Do you know that sea stars do not have brains! And also it has the ability of regenerating arms when it has lost arms. They undergo pseudo mating; releasing sperms and eggs into the waters and fertilisation will occur. Another interesting fact about it is that they do move! They have tube feet, to enable movement.

Ailian found this Swimming Anemone Boloceroides mcmurrichi. It really can swim! By flinging its 'arms'. Haha...

Finally, the last picture of the day. Porcelain Fiddler Crab Uca annulipes. The enlarged pincer is actually something that attract females, and only the males would have. In fact, the enlarged pincers will hinder their life. But it was believed that if the males can survive well with a large pincers, it can also protect the females. Some kind of attraction.

That will be the end of my post. Finally! I think i spent a lot of time on this entry! Hope I didnt identify them wrongly. And I hope that by doing this, can make me more familiar with the biodiversity in Semakau! :D

Vitamin D induces adipocytes apoptosis!!

Great news to the slimming industry.

Now we can all slim down by standing below the sun; Getting tanned and black is not all, you get SLIM and SEXY!

This is my project, something to do with vitamin controlling apoptosis of adipocytes.

Just wanted to write down here and make some catchphrase out of it, and acting as if I have a company which is making Vit.D for slimming purposes and imagining rolls of cash floating into my pocket.

Aha, I kid.

If I have to choose between getting tanned or getting slim, I would defintiely choose


I wouldn't compromise my body fats under the threats of the SUN.

On the side note: They are the number 1 killer of aging. LOL?

Oh, Vit.D for apoptosis of adipocytes are rather true, since it came from some scientific papers. Tested out on mouse cells on tissue culture. Human cell not tested yet.

Hey hey~~ I'm back!

Miss me? :P haha... I'm back from tw le... will upload the photos when i'm free... still needa unpack my things n prepare to study le... From tml onwards, i will b having special semester le... from mon to thu 4-6pm... Other than that, i'm free... haha... if still got relief teaching, even better... coz timing dun clash... :P Hope can meet up soon worz~~~ Miss you all! Muacks!!! HAHAHA....


Last weekend I was browsing through daily necessities at the mall when I saw this brand of toothpaste which was on offer. The offer price is $2 cheaper. I called my mum, since she is the big shopper in the family, and she gave the go ahead signal.

Anyway, based on previous encounter, my sister was pretty sure that the shop next door would be selling the exact same product at a different price.

Last time, it was hand cream. The product was going at $1.95 at one shop and the next shop was selling it at $4.75! Same size, same brand.

Now it's toothpaste. One shop had it at $7.90 and the other shop $6.95 respectively. If you buy one, the price difference is still alright. If you buy 2 to 3, you will feel duped.

All it takes is a few steps next door and you can save a few dollars.

I wonder if the sales people in A shop ever step into B shop. Or B shop sales stepping into A shop.

The importance of having breakfast!

Just now, I was watching 娛樂百分百 on channel u... then it was 盧廣仲 百分百粉絲同樂會... this guy is a very weird person... Let me descibe to u... He got an infamous mushroom hairstyle, always wearing shorts and t-shirt, always keep laughing to himself, and will have a special hand signal when he say 'rock' (actually it's the 'i love u' signal w/o the thumb).... Then he will have weird weird thinking, and he will keep lifting his legs when he play guitar and sing, love eating breakfast a lot!!!! as seen from his 2 songs; Rock'n Roll 的Style and 早安,晨之美... Below is the lyrics for Rock'n Roll 的Style! When I 1st carefully listen to this song on 933 on the bus, i was trying to control myself from laughing out loud... When u read the lyrics, u will noe y... hehe...

盧廣仲 - Rock'n roll的style

我就把他拿起來吃掉他說:[廣仲為什么你要拿我的早餐Tell me Why]
坐在早餐店里面就把他早餐搶過來搶過來Yeah Yeah Yeah
這就是這就是這就是Rock'n roll的style ROOK! ROOK!
這樣很酷耶Yeah Yeah Yeah
一定要早睡早起家上吃早餐因為也是一種也是一種Rock'n roll的style Ah ah ah~
身體健康也是一種Rock'n roll的style
Rock'n roll ~style

Taken from: http://www.ktzhk.com/thread-1015506-1-1.html

The MV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6BHU_dDB_o

This song is quite lame... but it emphasize the importance of eating breakfast in the morning... But i think the last time i ate breakfast was with ru n sj at mac... haha... coz these few days keep waking up at noon or afternoon... so miss breakfast.... hehe...

Hmmm... I shld start my jian fei plan le!!! Haiz~~~ If not, aft my tw trip i will b seriously overweight! N my sis wedding coming up soon tooo~~~ ARGH!!! HELP!
Saw this in a novel that I've read.


My afterthoughts:
Many people nowadays would be willing to work hard for wealth and status.
But perhaps after a lifetime, one may think... is it all worth it?
Perhaps, leading a simple and normal life is the best?

For people who loves poetic lyrics, here's one.

By: 晃儿VS轻薄の假相

未相知 便相守 轻许相酬
说如梦 堪一梦 人间携手
千帆尽后 暮然回首
[合]明月逐人 向晚旧游
掷春心 花相见 犹似隔雾
半胧月 灯花燃 尽说纨绔
[合]平台戏马 相思几许 欲说还休
[青]花边载酒 青青万缕
相思烟柳 年年生秋

It's from a BL drama series call 纨绔. ^^

wo wu liao


=( =( =( =(

Other day

Protest accepted!

One of the funny things of teaching;

Student: With a chainsaw, I spread jam on my toast.
Me: A chainsaw is too big. Use a butter knife instead.


Dear all authors of this blog, I oppose and protest that we should post according to seniority!



《静夜思》 李白






《石灰吟》 于谦


《小池》 杨万里


《赋得古原草送别》 白居易


《池上》 白居易


李白与杜甫被世人称为 “李杜”,可想而知他们有多出名啦!再po几首绕口令,让各位好好娱乐娱乐!

================= 绕口令来啦!=================

牛郎恋刘娘, 刘娘念牛郎, 牛郎牛年恋刘娘, 刘娘年年念牛郎,
郎恋娘来娘恋郎, 念娘恋娘念郎恋郎, 念恋娘郎, 绕不晕你算我白忙







My turn le~~ =D

Hmmm... We seems like following our seniority to blog... 1st zx, then sj then me! Haha... Next is ru le? :P I'm so observant!!! Tml is gd fri so now lazy to study so come online to watch vids, do fb quizes, chat online and blog! [My exams coming in 2 wks time!!! oops] So wat i m gg to talk abt? hmmm... dunno lehz. I like talk crap for 1 whole para le.

AH! I will talk abt PIMPLES! HAHAHAHA!

Some facts abt me! (regarding pimples)
I so crappy! [conducting an interview with myself!]

-Start of interview-

1. When did i started having pimples?
er.... sec sch i think... sec 1 or 2 or 3 bahz. dun quite remember. but when i look thru the photos, it seems to like started during that time period.

2. So what do u do when u 1st had pimples?
er... I heck care! coz that time i was kind of dun wan others to think that i'm vain then i din really take gd care. N NOW I REGRETTED!!! (T.T)

3. When do u start to notice n take gd care then?
I think when i was in sec 4 or jc bahz. i remembered sj telling me abt her gg to c doc during sec 4. then aft my a lvls, i searched online to search 4 cures! then i saw ppl recommending skin centre. So i went polyclinic n get referral to skin centre, took 2 course of antibiotics (doxycline- sth like that lahz) for abt 3 mths. Went to skin centre 3-4 times le i think.

4. So did it get better?
At first, not much effects. then later my friend say got better n now worse coz i stop applying the cream aft my 3rd appt! I had changed my medication since my last skin centre appt. Now my pimples scars r still very obvious. Haiz~~~ I think it worsen if i use cosmetics. (I dun use very frequently 1 lorz! but i really look nicer with make-up lorz. the scars can be hidden! =P) N i tried putting masks - those bought from online stores taiwan 1. (I dun think it will affect bahz.. But i dunno the frequency to use them. =P) Er. M i doing the right thing? Aiya, i will try to stop using them until my pimples stop popping out le. [But actually hor, the skin centre doc say it's ok for pimples to pop out occasionally; it means that i'm still YOUNG! HAHAHAHA]

5. So what do u wan to add on?
er... interview finishing ar? onli 5 qns? Haiyo. wat kind of interview is this? Hmmmm... Now i will try to juz use the cleanser the doc recommend, n apply the medication cream. I will TRY to keep my hands OFF cosmetics n masks! Hehe.

-End of interview-

Hahahaha... M I gg to turn this blog into a beauty blog? Or a blog that is teaching bad skin care practices? =P i wanna go watch my vids le. Ja ne~ Meet up soon worz~

Ru, shld b ur turn le bahz~ HAHAHA

YEAH~~ My entry is the longest!!!!!! HAHAHA... I'm full of crap!

P.S. My last paper is on 6th May 2009~ *Hint hint* hehe...
P.P.S. According to a quiz on facebook, I M 超級大宅女 lehz!
唉唉唉...三聲唉…妳是一個人緣不錯的超級大宅女,廣結善緣的妳,雖然有滿多親朋好友的支持,但一向與帥哥無綠的妳,也只能默默的在角落哭泣了,溫柔並不能把到妳喜歡的男性,要徹底的改造才行!Is it true? =P


Let me contribute something. (^.^)v
Came across something interesting.
What is happiness?
It is to hide one's sorrow and to smile at others.

I do not agree but perhaps some people do?
In last week's Japanese class, we were told that Japanese
always wear a mask.
Sound familiar?

P Sixes

Primary six students today still

1. Call their friends names
2. Throw tissue paper at each other
3. Spray water at each other
4. Walk around all the time
5. Talk at the top of their voices
6. Forget to bring everything, from forms to worksheets to books
7. Play scissors, paper, stone in class; play tic-tac-toe, play pens like airplanes

What we didn't do was

1. Bring electronic dictionaries
2. Use calculator for math
3. Have our own lockers

We will always love

1. Early recess
2. To change seats, to seat with your friends