Regardless of how often we meet up, we always have endless things to talk about. There is always something that has never been brought up, never been talked about and we can never finish.

Cheers to my dear friends, be it bright or blue, stay cheerful and strong always.

A light behind dark clouds

I was looking at the test paper and feeling sorry for myself on the bus today. I am seriously not immunology-inclined. Haha.

When I lifted my head, I was a familiar looking teenager/kid. I thought he looked familiar but he didn’t seem to recognise me so I thought, “Oh well, I probably wrongly recognise someone again.” And went back to self pitying.

When I reached my stop, I thought I should check him out again. He passed me to sit down just now and I was at the last few rows of the bus so it wouldn’t be that hard to try find him. But I couldn’t find him. I only found him after I looked around a few times. There he was a few rows behind my sit, almost completely covered by an average size man.

And it strike me as weird that he was almost completely shielded. And even weirder that I couldn’t see his face no matter how hard I tried. Because his face was facing the window beside him completely. How many people actually sit like that on the bus?

So I concluded that yes, I know him and yeah he recognises me and lastly, he was my ex-student. And it strike me as totally hilarious that he would go to such extent to ensure that I couldn’t see his face and recognise him.

By the way, when I alighted, his face was still pasted to his window so I saw his complete profile. And he saw me looking at him. Good good!

Thank you kid! You totally made my day! You were such a boisterous student both in and outside class. What happened? Haha!

MAY J. and MAY'S

Found this two great singers on Kawaii Girl Japan.
Love their voice, love their skill.
Love their lyrics.
Calms my mind greatly.
Two great songs by both of them:
恋してた~Say Goodbye~
Sing For You

Ninth week

Kua Kua Kua. Can feel a headache coming on.

What should I do? Sleep, watch a show or finish some studying?

Eighth week


I'm stress out, burn out, whatever terms you call it.

I want more sleep. I want to sleep for 20 hours a day.

Sixth week

In the middle of sixth week and feeling extremely tired.

I have fatigue written all over my face.

I need more cheer in my life.

Fourth week

This is the fourth week of school and work is piling up. I need to catch up and file them.

And this is how my days look like.


That's all. What a sad life. I need to include shopping. I feel sad whenever I open my wardrobe. Haha!