Vitamin D induces adipocytes apoptosis!!

Great news to the slimming industry.

Now we can all slim down by standing below the sun; Getting tanned and black is not all, you get SLIM and SEXY!

This is my project, something to do with vitamin controlling apoptosis of adipocytes.

Just wanted to write down here and make some catchphrase out of it, and acting as if I have a company which is making Vit.D for slimming purposes and imagining rolls of cash floating into my pocket.

Aha, I kid.

If I have to choose between getting tanned or getting slim, I would defintiely choose


I wouldn't compromise my body fats under the threats of the SUN.

On the side note: They are the number 1 killer of aging. LOL?

Oh, Vit.D for apoptosis of adipocytes are rather true, since it came from some scientific papers. Tested out on mouse cells on tissue culture. Human cell not tested yet.