Ramblings of my life~

Wow, we really din update very often now le. After this week, we will be very very bz~ Ru will be preparing for exams then fly off le, sj, zx n i will be bz preparing for our mid-term CAs blah blah blah. Sianz~~~~ After this week of recess week, i'm going to have 3 CAs in a row and 2 lab reports to submit!!! I needa concentrate le! Help~~~ Who wan to mug with me?!?!?! I dun have motivation when i'm alone, i still need to pull up my CAP before yr 3 sem 2, if not i cant do honours le. :(

Aiya, btw, my jian fei plan failed teribly, i only recorded what i've eaten for about 4 days then i gave up le. Plus now CNY!!! so much goodies and food! haiz~ but i now sick! fall sick on the eve of cny, haiz~~~~

Also, i created another blog on my nature trips. Had been helping out my friend for her UROPS project, and recorded the things i've seen and observed, had been rather interesting~ =D the webby is here! hehehe~

Enough of my ramblings~ Need to rest soon le! taken medicine, quite slpy le. =p Nitez all~