After my first paper

My head hurts. Really hurts.
How can one's head hurt like that after an exam.

It doesn't feel like my own head anymore.
How I wish I can pluck it off.

I hate this.

My one week break

Looking at y's review on her holidays, I realise that she had a packed and fun hol!

My one week break review probably look like this

Day1-3: Shopping
Day4-5: Studying
Day6: Shopping

Alright, it doesn't look so bad.

Greek Mythology

After learning the different planets and constellations.
I realized that there are BL even in Greek mythology!!
Jupiter and Ganymede?!! Jupiter actually kidnapped many lovers and hide them really well from his wife. Definitely not a good tradition to pass down....
Btw, Styx is actually a river which forms a boundary between Earth and Underworld.(no comments >.<)

And... What happen to our cbox ?!

Holiday review~~

School is going to start next tuesday~ So I feel like doing a review of what I had done in the holidays.

1. Helping out Prof Miguel with the bee visits research at MacRitchie. (14 May to 27 May)

2. Project Semakau
a) 2 May Transect,
b) 28,29 May Special Semakau Trip,
c) 12-13 June Hunting seeking
d) 10 Jul Hermit crab workshop
e) 31 Jul Hunting seeking

3. Nature walks with RMBR
a) Raffles' Lighthouse (15 Jun)
b) Sungei Buloh (20 Jun)
c) Raffles' Lighthouse (13 Jul)
d) Cyrene Reef (15 Jul)
e) Sentosa (16 Jul)

4. Helping out Kangmin from CTFS work in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
a) 18 Jun Rain -> Work at CTFS in NIE
b) 21 Jun Ladder
c) 24 Jun Ladder
d) 2 Jul 'Ladder' + Lesson from Prof Shawn Lum
d) 5 Jul Dendrometer
e) 7 Jul Dendrometer

5. Working part-time at RMBR (Data-entry, Benthic sorting, scan slides, scan books, book launch....)

6. Helping out Fran with the pheromone project on Nomias in MacRitchie. (19-26 Jul)

7. Met up with friends~~~ (Kbox-ing, shopping, gossiping....)

8. Went for Eric Moo's concert with zx n her sis.... (9 Jul)

Yup, I think that's all I had done over the holidays~ It had been a very fruitful holiday as compared to the previous few~ Really enjoyed myself. But I also dun wan sch to start so soon! I'm still not prepared!!!!! I want my holidays back~~~ Sobx~~~

SJ Bdae celeb~

Let the pictures tell the story~ Although only got 3~ :P

Finally the long-awaited holidays~~

Finally exams over~~ Holidays till August~ Any plans during the holidays? Ru still in China~

Had been wanting to learn to cycle but only tried once and stopped... The bike in my toilet now~~ :P

Had been wanting to learn to play the keyboard. But no perseverance... The keyboard rotting under my table now~~

Had been wanting to jog everyday after my exams. But it's already 1 week after exams le and I've only went to jog once~~

It really seems like I am really 三分钟热度 kind of person~ Haiz~ Any solution to my problems~ HELP!!!!!!

My not so lovely sem 2

I have been absent minded lately and lady luck is certainly not with me. I think I must have spent all my luck in the last ten years of my life; currently I have none left. I forget stuff and drop things left right centre. Drop cashcard, left thumbdrive. Forget to bring notes, forget to bring pencil case.

And I still get bruises and cuts frequently, accidentally.

It must be true that the tighter you hold onto something, there's something else that you had dropped in the process.

Ramblings of my life~

Wow, we really din update very often now le. After this week, we will be very very bz~ Ru will be preparing for exams then fly off le, sj, zx n i will be bz preparing for our mid-term CAs blah blah blah. Sianz~~~~ After this week of recess week, i'm going to have 3 CAs in a row and 2 lab reports to submit!!! I needa concentrate le! Help~~~ Who wan to mug with me?!?!?! I dun have motivation when i'm alone, i still need to pull up my CAP before yr 3 sem 2, if not i cant do honours le. :(

Aiya, btw, my jian fei plan failed teribly, i only recorded what i've eaten for about 4 days then i gave up le. Plus now CNY!!! so much goodies and food! haiz~ but i now sick! fall sick on the eve of cny, haiz~~~~

Also, i created another blog on my nature trips. Had been helping out my friend for her UROPS project, and recorded the things i've seen and observed, had been rather interesting~ =D the webby is here! hehehe~

Enough of my ramblings~ Need to rest soon le! taken medicine, quite slpy le. =p Nitez all~