Holiday review~~

School is going to start next tuesday~ So I feel like doing a review of what I had done in the holidays.

1. Helping out Prof Miguel with the bee visits research at MacRitchie. (14 May to 27 May)

2. Project Semakau
a) 2 May Transect,
b) 28,29 May Special Semakau Trip,
c) 12-13 June Hunting seeking
d) 10 Jul Hermit crab workshop
e) 31 Jul Hunting seeking

3. Nature walks with RMBR
a) Raffles' Lighthouse (15 Jun)
b) Sungei Buloh (20 Jun)
c) Raffles' Lighthouse (13 Jul)
d) Cyrene Reef (15 Jul)
e) Sentosa (16 Jul)

4. Helping out Kangmin from CTFS work in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
a) 18 Jun Rain -> Work at CTFS in NIE
b) 21 Jun Ladder
c) 24 Jun Ladder
d) 2 Jul 'Ladder' + Lesson from Prof Shawn Lum
d) 5 Jul Dendrometer
e) 7 Jul Dendrometer

5. Working part-time at RMBR (Data-entry, Benthic sorting, scan slides, scan books, book launch....)

6. Helping out Fran with the pheromone project on Nomias in MacRitchie. (19-26 Jul)

7. Met up with friends~~~ (Kbox-ing, shopping, gossiping....)

8. Went for Eric Moo's concert with zx n her sis.... (9 Jul)

Yup, I think that's all I had done over the holidays~ It had been a very fruitful holiday as compared to the previous few~ Really enjoyed myself. But I also dun wan sch to start so soon! I'm still not prepared!!!!! I want my holidays back~~~ Sobx~~~